Annuaire > Lefrançois Christel, MCF

Université de La Rochelle
Section de Recherche : CNU 67
Institut scientifique du CNRS référent : INEE

Mots clés : Fish eco-physiology ; Bio-energetics ; Kinematics of predator-prey interactions, Mechanisms of adaptation

Co-responsable du Master 2 AIEL (vocation Recherche)

Thèmes de Recherche.
My research activities fit into a general problematic, which aims at studying the physiological and behavioural responses in fish facing modifications in external (e.g. temperature, oxygen) or internal factors (e.g. size). Considering the whole organism, I employ an eco-physiological approach and tackle more particularly energetics.
GIF - 40.7 ko
Juvenile of sole in a respirometer
GIF - 24.5 ko
Escape of a startled golden grey mullet (images from a 500 frame/s high speed camera)

Publications représentatives de l’activité de Recherche :

  • Claireaux G. and Lefrançois C. 2007. Linking environmental variability and fish performance :
    integration through the concept of scope for activity. Philosophical Transaction of the Royal Society. 362 (1487) : 2031- 2041.
  • Domenici P., Lefrançois C. and Shingles A. 2007. The effect of hypoxia on the antipredator
    behaviours of fishes. Philosophical Transaction of the Royal Society. 362 (1487) : 2105- 2121
  • Lefrançois C, Domenici P (2006) Locomotor kinematics and responsiveness in the escape behaviour of European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) exposed to hypoxia. Marine Biology, 149 : 969-977.
  • Lefrançois C, Claireaux G (2003) Influence of ambient oxygenation and temperature on metabolic scope and scope for heart rate of the sole (Solea solea). Marine Ecol. Prog. Series, 259:273-284.
  • Altimiras J., Axelsson M., Claireaux G., Lefrançois C., Mercier C. and Farrell T. (2002). Cardiorespiratory activity in triploïd brown trout (Salmo trutta) acclimated to two temperatures. Journal of fish biology. 60:102-116.