Cruz Flores Marta

Marie Curie postdoctoral researcher
La Rochelle University

Mots clés : ecotoxicology, population ecology, movement ecology, trophic ecology, seabirds

Thèmes de Recherche.
I am an animal ecologist, working as a postdoc at LIENSs under the supervision of Paco Bustamante and Jérôme Fort. My project DeToxSea, funded by the European Commission (Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions) from 2021 to 2023 aims at evaluating the demographic effects of mercury-selenium toxic contamination on Arctic wildlife, more specifically in little auks.

Previously, I did my PhD at the University of Barcelona (Spain) where I carried out a multidisciplinary thesis that comprised population, spatial and trophic ecology with expertise in seabirds, developing a solid background in animal ecology. During these years, I was involved in different collaborative projects, mainly related to the use of spatial analysis for the conservation of seabirds.

Main Publications :

  • Davies, T., A. P. B. Carneiro, T. Marguerite, [et al, including M. Cruz-Flores]. 2021. Multispecies tracking reveals a major seabird hotspot in the North Atlantic. Conservation Letters. e12824.
  • Cruz-Flores M., R. Pradel, J. Briel, J. González-Solís & R. Ramos. 2021. Sex-specific costs of reproduction on survival in a long-lived seabird. Biology Letters.
  • Beal, M., M. Dias, S. Oppel, [et al, including M. Cruz-Flores]. 2021. Global political responsibility for the conservation of albatrosses and large petrels. Science Advances.
  • Cruz-Flores M., R. Ramos, M. Sardá-Serra, S. López-Souto, T. Militão & J. González-Solís. 2019. Migration and spatial ecology of the Spanish population of Bulwer’s petrel (Migración y ecología espacial de la población española de petrel de Bulwer). Monograph number 4 of Migra program. SEO/BirdLife. Madrid.
  • Cruz-Flores M., T. Militão, R. Ramos & J. González-Solís. 2018. Using marine isoscapes to infer movements of oceanic migrants : The case of Bulwer’s petrel, Bulweria bulwerii, in the Atlantic Ocean. PLoS ONE. 13(6) : e0198667.

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