De Bakker Anouk

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Formation d’origine :
PhD at Utrecht University (Infragravity-wave dynamics in shallow water), 2012-2016

Mots clés : tidal inlets, waves, morphodynamics, hydrodynamics, field experiments, numerical modeling

Responsables scientifiques :

  • Xavier BERTIN, Research officer (CR2 CNRS), Université de La Rochelle, LIENSs UMR 7266
Morphodynamics of tidals inlets under energetic wave conditions
« The morphodynamics of tidal inlets are very dynamic and are the result of the complex interaction between tidal currents and ocean waves. By combining field observations and numerical modelling with the SCHISM modelling system, I study these systems in detail. As part of the EVEX project, I will contribute to a better understanding of the large erosion observed at the southern tip of Oléron Island, adjacent to the Maumusson tidal inlet. »

Publications :

4 résultats


Article dans une revue

Impacts of wave-induced circulation in the surf zone on wave setup
Thomas Guerin , Xavier Bertin , Thibault Coulombier , Anouk de Bakker
Ocean Modelling, Elsevier, 2018, 123, pp.86-97. ⟨10.1016/j.ocemod.2018.01.006⟩
Infragravity waves: From driving mechanisms to impacts
Xavier Bertin , Anouk de Bakker , Ap van Dongeren , Giovanni Coco , Gaël André , Fabrice Ardhuin , Philippe Bonneton , Frederic Bouchette , Bruno Castelle , Wayne Crawford , Mark Davidson , Martha Deen , Guillaume Dodet , Thomas Guerin , Kris Inch , Fabien Leckler , Robert Mccall , Héloïse Muller , Maitane Olabarrieta , Dano Roelvink , Gerben Ruessink , Damien Sous , Eléonore Stutzmann , Marion Tissier
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Communication dans un congrès

GLOBEX: Wave dynamics on a shallow sloping beach
Hervé Michallet , B. Gerben Ruessink , Mariana Vieira Lima Matias da Rocha , Anouk de Bakker , Dominic van der A , Andrea Ruju , Paulo A. Silva , Nadia Sénéchal , Vincent Marieu , Marion Tissier , Rafael Almar , Tiago Abreu , Florent Birrien , Laure Vignal , Eric Barthélemy , Dominique Mouazé , Rodrigo Cienfuegos , Peter Wellens
HYDRALAB IV Joint User Meeting, Lisbon, July 2014, Jul 2014, Lisbonne, Portugal


Communication dans un congrès

Role of short and long-wave interaction on wave celerity in the surf zone of a low-sloping beach
Marion Tissier , Rafael Almar , Philippe Bonneton , Hervé Michallet , Florent Birrien , Anouk de Bakker , B. Gerben Ruessink
7th International Conference on Coastal Dynamics, Jun 2013, Arcachon, France. pp.1677 - 1686