Desaivre Stève

Ingénieur de recherche
La Rochelle Université

Mots clés : Cancer, évolution, animaux sauvage, culture cellulaire, écophysiologie

Fonction : Coordination et management des différents projets du « Wildlife Cancer Evolution Research Group ». Mise en place et réalisations de culture de bivalves, culture cellulaire, dosage HPLC de molécules anticancereuses, histologie.

Publications :

  • Adriana Gregory-Flores, Ivan Magayewski Bonet, Stève Desaivre, Jon Levine, Stanton McHardy, Hans de Kraker, Caleb Fleischer, Robert Messing, and Michela Marinelli. A novel small molecule inhibitor of protein kinase C epsilon reduces hyperalgesia induced by paclitaxel or opioid withdrawal. BioRxiv 2023-06-01.
  • Mary Chang, James McLister, Stève Desaivre, and Sunny Boyd. Social modulation of spatial dynamics in treefrog choruses. April 2022. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology.
  • Adam Gordon-Fennell, Lydia Gordon-Fennell, Stève Desaivre, and Michela Marinelli. The lateral preoptic area and its projection to the VTA regulates VTA activity and drives complex reward behaviors. November 2020. Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience.
  • Tuul Sepp*, Stève Desaivre*, Adam Z Lendvai, József Németh, Kevin J McGraw, and Mathieu Giraudeau. Feather corticosterone levels are not correlated with health or plumage coloration in juvenile house finches. June 2018. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. (*first co-authors).
  • Pierre Deviche, Stève Desaivre, and Mathieu Giraudeau. Experimental Manipulation of Corticosterone Does Not Influence the Clearance Rate of Plasma Testosterone in Birds. September/October 2017. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology.