Hartmann Hans Julian

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Research and Teaching Associate Professor
University of La Rochelle
Section of Research : CNU 67
CNRS scientific department : EDD
Coordinator for International Relations

Curriculum Vitae
Keywords : Plankton Ecology, Microbial Aquatic Ecology, Small-scale fisheries, coastal resource management, coastal ecosystem conservation

Research interests

Two research priorities concerning: (i) Plankton/Microbial ecology, Mangroves/Wetlands ecology. (ii) Small-scale Fisheries, socio-economic factors in coastal conservation and participative resource management.

  • Plankton ecology and plankton trophic relations, including the microbial network and energy transfer to higher trophic links.
    Project focus on (i) the dynamics and trophic interactions between heterotrophic protists (ciliates, flagellates ..) and metazoans,
    (ii) trophic interactions within the microbial loop (nanoflagellates, bacteria, viruses) (iii) interactions between plankton and benthos.
  • Integrated management and conservation of coastal zones, including living resources and their use by humans (fishing).
    Project focus on: Social-environmental analysis of small scale (artisanal) fisheries for participative management of coastal resources in tropical countries (Central America, Mexico, Fiji, Indonesia). Comparison with approaches practiced in more developed countries (Europe, North America).
Representative Publications
  • Fargier, L., Hartmann H.J., Molina-Ureña, H. 2014. Marine Areas of Responsible Fishing : a path toward small-scale fisheries co-management in Costa Rica ? Perspectives from Golfo Dulce. Chapter 10 in : F. Amezcua, B. Bellgraph (eds.), "Fisheries Management of Mexican and Central American Estuaries”, Springer Verlag, Heidelberg (DOI 10.1007/978-94-017-8917-2_10; in press). IF 2.0
    See also : Vidéo Documentary (2011), on participative management of small scale fisheries in Central America (« If the sea gives to me, I give back to it » ; Spanish with English Subtitles)
  • Feutry P., Hartmann H.J., Casabonnet H., Umaña G. 2010. Preliminary analysis of the fish species of the Pacific Central American Mangrove of Zancudo, Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica. 2010. Wetlands Ecology and Management 18 : 637-650. IF 1.1
  • Montanié, H., Ory, P., Orvain, F., Delmas, D., Dupuy, C., Hartmann, H.J. 2013. Microbial interactions in marine water amended by eroded benthic biofilm : A case study from an intertidal mudflat. Journal of Sea Research. Accepted 11/2013 (doi 0.1016/j.seares.2013.11.011) IF 2.29
  • Dupuy, C., Talarmin, A., Hartmann, H.J., Delmas, D., Courties C., Marquis, E. 2011. Community structure and grazing of the nano-microzooplakton on the continental shelf of the Bay of Biscay. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 95 : 1-13. IF 2.46
  • Ory P., Hartmann H.J., Jude F. ,Dupuy C., Del Amo Y., Catala P., Mornet F., Huet V., Jan B., Vincent D., Sautour B., Montanié H. 2010. Pelagic food web patterns : Do they modulate virus and nanoflagellate effects on picoplankton during the phytoplankton spring bloom ? Environmental Microbiology 12 : 2755- 2772. IF 4.71