Set up of a 2nd IRMS (June 2013) :

The new IRMS (Thermo Scientific Delta V Plus with a ConFlo IV interface) has been installed in June 2013. It is hooked to an Elemental Analyzer Flash 2000 fitted with a Costech ZeroBlank Autosampler and the SmartEA option) and will be dedicated to C and N analyses.

Project 2D Organometal Isotopes :

This project (PI David Point, IRD, GET Toulouse) has been accepted in the framework of the CNRS-INSU Program "Challenge for Instrumentation at the Limits). It aims at determining the isotopic composition of light (carbon) and heavy (metals) elements in organometallic compounds, through development of pioneer techniques to better understanding biogeochemical processes involved in transformations and transfers of these compounds in the environment , first focusing on methyl-mercury.
The SIF is involved in determining the δ13C by GC-C-IRMS, first by optimizing preparation and analytical conditions, then by analyzing natural samples from diverse food webs impacted by this pollutant.

Research Engineer Position available (April 2013) :

The SIF is seeking a Research Engineer to develop GC-IRMS protocols. The position is open for 6 months extendable to 1 year, starting june 2013.

Extension of the IRMS lab (April 2013) :

To install the new just bought IRMS, the room housing analytical equipments has been extended by joining it to the adjacent room.

Installation of a new hood (April 2013) :

dedicated to handling acids and drying acidified samples

Recent visits :
  • May 2013 : Dr John Keesing (CSIRO Division of Marine and Atmospheric Research, Perth, Australie)
  • April 2013 : David Point (IRD GET Toulouse, IRD Bolivie) and Jérémy Masbou (PhD GET), experimentation for the project 2D Organometal Isotopes
  • February 2013 : Céline Artero (Cayenne, PhD University of Antilles-Guyane), sample preparation
  • December 2012 : Emilie Cardona (Ifremer Nouméa, PhD University New Caledonia), sample preparation
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