Scientific teams > BCBS (Biotechnologies et Chimie des Bioressources pour la Santé)

Key words : sustainable chemistry, biocatalysis, eco-extraction, health, molecular shuttling, metabolic dysfunction, marine molecules, lipases, proteases, glycosidases, peptides, oligosaccharides, virulence factors, biomarkers

Skills :
- Organic synthesis
- Biomolecules extraction and purification
- Proteins and peptides biochemistry
- Sugar biochemistry
- Molecular enzymology
- Microbial biochemistry
- Metabolic biochemistry
- Cellular biology
- Molecular biology
- Protocol development for experiments with animal models

Application fields: fine chemistry, human and animal health, pharmaceutical industry, environment, animal production, nutrition, agro-industry, cosmetic industry, bioenergy.

In the general context of a necessary development of green chemistry, the demand for new or improved products with pharmacological interest is increasing. In addition, the links between some metabolic diseases and cancers with compounds or risk situations present in our environment, appears more and more evident (INCa 2008 report). In the AMES team, our research activities are carried out in relation to this situation and include work in enzymology, chemistry and cellular biochemistry. We are trying to develop new eco-aware paths for chemical or enzymatic synthesis as well as bioactive molecules eco-extraction methods. We also study the metabolic dysfunction observed in pathological cellular environments, with a particular focus on hydrolytic enzyme action mechanisms in these pathologies.