Le Cam Sabrina

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Section de Recherche : section 29
Institut référent : INEE…

Keywords : Molecular ecology, evolutionary biology, marine biology

Thèmes de Recherche.
My research activities mainly focus on documenting genetic diversity to study the evolutionary process shaping the distribution of genetic variation among individuals, populations, and species. I use genetic and genomic approaches to address a variety of questions in evolutionary biology (reproduction system evolution, Invasive biology, conservation genetics, community ecology).
Currently, I work on the ANR project DRIVE (PI E.Pante) which focuses on the unique mitochondria inheritance system in Limecola balthica (Fig1), the double uniparental inheritance (DUI). This sytem could cause mito-nuclear genetic incompatibilities (MNI) which have recently gained recognition as an important cause of hybrid breakdown and reproductive isolation. I will investigate whether DUI can play a significant role in maintaining barriers to gene flow among divergent populations by the way of MNIs
Fig1: The Doubly Uniparental Inheritance (DUI) of mitochondria in Limecola balthica. (E. Pante)
Fig2: Gene maps of Limecola balthica. All genes are encoded on the heavy strand, total genome lengths are reported inside their corresponding genome. Gene colors correspond to functional groups (OXPHOS gene families, tRNAs and rRNAs). Modified from Capt et al. (2020)

Publications representative of the Research activity :

  • Marandel F., Charrier G., Lamy J.B., Le Cam S., Lorance P. & Trenkel V.M. (2020) Estimating effective population size using RADseq: Effects of SNP selection and sample size. Ecology and Evolution 10(4), 1929.
  • Le Cam S., Daguin-Thiébaut C., Bouchemousse S., Engelen A.H., Mieszkowska N. & Viard F. (2019) A genome-wide investigation of the worldwide invader Sargassum muticum shows high success albeit (almost) no genetic diversity. Evolutionary Applications 13, 500– 514.
  • Couton M., Comtet T., Le Cam S., Corre E. & Viard F. (2019) Metabarcoding on planktonic larval stages: an efficient approach for detecting and investigating life cycle dynamics of benthic aliens. Management of Biological Invasions, 10(4), 657-689
  • Le Cam S., Perrier C., Besnard A. L., Bernatchez L. & Evanno G. (2015). Genetic and phenotypic changes in an Atlantic salmon population supplemented with non-local individuals: a longitudinal study over 21 years. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences, 282(1802), 20142765.
  • Le Cam S., Riquet F., Pechenik J. A., & Viard F. (2014). Paternity and Gregariousness in the Sex-Changing Sessile Marine Gastropod Crepidula convexa: Comparison with Other Protandrous Crepidula Species. Journal of Heredity, 105(3), 397-406.