Lebreton Benoit

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Assistant professor
University of La Rochelle
Section of Research : CNU 67
CNRS scientific department : EDD

Keywords : Food webs, coastal ecosystems, Organic matter flows, natural stable isotope markers, fatty acids

Postal adress :
Université de La Rochelle
Bâtiment Marie-Curie
Avenue Michel Crépeau
17 042 La Rochelle cedex 1

Research themes:
I study the structure and the functioning of coastal ecosystems, particularly trophic relationships between primary producers (e. g. benthic microalgae) and primary consumers (macrofauna, meiofauna). I focus on the role of quantity, quality and availability of food sources on functioning of food webs. I also study flows of organic matter in the continent-ocean continuum to determine how variations of these flows can affect the functioning of coastal ecosystems.

Publications :

Sunrise on the Gulf of Mexico
A mudflat in the Aiguillon Bay