Plumejeaud Christine

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Research engineer

Keywords : Database and spatio-temporal information system – spatio-temporal modelling – geovisualisation – spatial analysis – metadata – quality

Function :methods for interdisciplinary research

Leader of a platform for database management I promote interdisciplinary research through the development of a methodological research for the integration and analysis of spatially and / or temporal referenced data produced or used by LIENSs researchers.
For example, it can be facilitation services for conception and development of geovisualisation methods suited for the analysis of evolutionary phenomena around the coastline. My service wishes to deal with imperfect and uncertain data, when coming for ancient registers of maritime records, but also the most recent data acquired through marine drones that may require validation and calibration methods.
My work concerns also the data life cycle, in all its aspects, but more particularly on traceability and quality issues. For instance, the traceability of field sampling data through the use of software for samples management: who, how, when and where were they picked off and where are they currently stored in the laboratories?

Funded projects in progress

  • BED: Banking Environmental Data. Aims to ensure the discoverability and reusability of data collected inside the RI Zones Ateliers. Funded by Zones Ateliers (SOERE Allenvi). 2018-2021
  • QR Code: Traceability of field sampling data. Co-construction of a solution for sampling management and their associated data, with labelling features. Funded by Zones Ateliers (SOERE Allenvi). 2016-2017
  • DYPOMAR (Port Dynamics, Urban and Maritime Environments), a project funded through a French CPER/FEDER planning agreement between the French state and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region (2014-2020). C. Plumejeaud-Perreau and A. Bouju (L3I) are developing, among other tools, a spatiotemporal information system for the interactive analysis of long-term port dynamics in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, in order to understand ports’ inter-dependencies on different scales. First prototype:
  • GEMINAT – Funded by FREDD (University of La Rochelle ‘s project) « Geographical knowledge of natural environments»: modeling, analysis and geovisualization of the evolution of the rotation of 20 years on zone atelier Plaine Val de Sèvre – Collaboration: CEBC – L3I – LIENSs – Dates: June 2013 – November 2015.
  • ANR MaPuce: operation of socio-economic micro-data to analyze the energy consumption of households in urban areas – Collaboration: CNRM-GAME (coordinator) – Dates: March 2014 (4 years).

Participation and external collaborations

  • ANR « GéoMédia » project: analysis of international flows (RSS) media for the detection and geo-visualization of events. Coordinator: GIS-CIST.
  • Collaboration with EHESS for deployment of GéoPeuple Web site on TGE Adonis. The site will make possible the search and geovisualisation of the administrative and demographic history of French municipalities (“communes” in French) known since 1789.
  • Representative of the laboratory LIENSs at GdR MAGIS
  • Animation of the Action “Spatial dynamics and ontologies” inside the GDR MAGIS
  • Coordination of the RBDD (French network of competences for databases funded by Mission for Interdisciplinary of CNRS).