RespFest Conference

RespFest is a unique conference focused on respirometry where the physiological-oriented questions that this tool can answer, the latest advances, the difficulties encountered, the optimisation of methodologies, .... are addressed in all biological models and at many different levels of biological organization.

The first edition of RespFest, held in 2019 in Winnipeg Canada. Now for the first time, RespFest is coming to Europe in La Rochelle, France the 2nd and 3rd of May 2023, with the same objectives in mind, and with the hopes of stimulating ideas and discussions on how respirometry advances are allowing us to learn about physiological processes and the way organisms interact with their environment.

Two laboratories are involved in the organisation of the third edition of RESPFEST

— >UMR 7266 LIENSs- Coastal environment and societies, La Rochelle France

— >ISMER - Rimouski institute of marine sciences, Québec Canada.
For more information, please contact :

David Deslauriers, ISMER, Rimouski Canada

Christel Lefrançois, La Rochelle University France

publie le mardi 2 mai 2023