AMARE (Marine animals responses to environmental variability)

Key words: adaptation, biodiversity, phenotypic plasticity, evolutionary genomics, transcriptomic, marine organisms, functional and progressive ecophysiology & ecotoxicology, individual performances & strategies, indicators, tracers, environment

The team’s research activities aim to study adaptive and functional responses of marine organisms in a context of global change (climatic/anthropogenic) likely to extend from individual to populations, since we include analysis going from experimental environment in laboratory to field real conditions. In this context, our whole research works consider an organizational, spatio-temporal and multi-scale approach.

Scientific approaches: in vivo & in vitro experimentations; natural populations; evolutionary approaches; connectivity; differential of genic expression; hybrid zones; homeostasis of chemical contaminants; spatial ecotoxicology; lipid metabolism; energetic metabolism; oxidative stress; immunity; cardiac physiology; swimming behaviour.

Technical skills: new sequencing technologies; barcoding; qPCR; x-ray ecophysiology; cellular imaging; respirometry; flight response; effort test; enzymology; cell culture.