Scientific objectives

AMARE team aims to provide, with the help of model organisms, an integrative vision of the adaptive processes in coastal environment toward environmental variability.
In order to do that, we seek to:

  • Characterize behavioural, physiological and transcriptional responses
  • Understand how these responses reverberate from the individual to the population
  • Bring understanding elements about organisms adaptive capacities and acclimatization at different integrative scales, in a context of global change.

These questions are put back in an environmental context, taking account of the importance of abiotic (temperature), biotic (ontogenetic stage) and ecologic (spatio-temporal variations, change of ecosystem structure and trophic functioning) factors.

AMARE team is organized in 3-research axis:

  • Axis 1: Physiological and behavioural performances of animals in response to environmental variations
  • Axis 2: Adaptive mechanisms of populations
  • Axis 3: Influence of contaminants on organisms of coastal environments
publie le Wednesday 25 July 2018