Challis Jack

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PhD Student (2020-2023)

Original training :
MSc Physical Oceanography, Bangor University, Wales

(2020-2023) Temporal tide changes in the north-west European continental shelf

Supervisors :

  • Professor Guy Wöppelmann, Professor of Earth Scieces, CNRS, LIENSs UMR 7266
  • Dr Déborah Idier, Scientific Head of the Coastal Dynamics and Risks program, DRP/R3C, BRGM
  • Dr Gaël Andre, Tide / current study engineer, SHOM

Keywords : Tide, sea-level rise, tidal component, climate change

Temporal tide changes in the north-west European continental shelf)
It has been of scientific consensus for some time that non astronomical factors can lead to observable changes in tidal amplitudes. With high tides contributing to extreme water levels, even small changes in tidal amplitudes are non negligble. The work I am undertaking aims to identify the factors responsible for tidal changes observed at tide gauges in the north-western European shelf sea, as well as to quantify their respective contributions and identify the risks associated. This will be accomplished using a combination of data analysis and numerical modelling.
Fig 1. An illustration depicting proposed mechanisms responsible for secular tidal changes over a regional/global scale (Haigh et al, 2018).
Fig 2. A Diagram showing increasing flood risks with mean sea level rise in 3 senarios. a) Tidal amplitude remains constant, b) tidal amplitude increases, c) tidal amplitude decreases (Haigh et al, 2018)