BIOFEEL (Biodiversity and Functioning of Coastal Ecosystems)

Team-leaders : Elodie Réveillac, Hélène Agogué

Key words : biodiversity erosion, structure and dynamics of ecosystems, interactions between trophic compartments, trophic ecology, coastal ecosystems

The team is composed of 8 research/teaching scientists, 3 CNRS researchers, 6 Ph.D. students and 2 research/teaching agents (ATER).

The BIOFEEL team possesses the necessary skills and methodologies to study a large number of biological compartments from pelagic and benthic zones (for example virus, microorganisms, meiofauna, macrofauna, fishes) to coastal avifauna (shorebirds) with an ecosystemic vision. We study equally the interactions between organisms (especially microorganisms) and the trophic relations between biological compartments. We specifically have a strong expertise in the study and the functioning of intertidal bare mudflats of western European coasts.

Biodiversity : species mosaic

Biodiversity : habitats mosaic