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Welcome to LIENSs Stable Isotope Facility !

The Stable isotope Facility was established at the University of La Rochelle in 2008, when the Join Research Unit LIENSs was build, to continue with the analytical activities first developed at the CREMA L’Houmeau (Join Research Unit CNRS-IFREMER) since 1987.

The Stable Isotope Facility has been established in the Marie Curie Building at the University of La Rochelle thanks to financial supports from the "Contrat de Projet Etat-Région 2007-2013", from a FEDER Poitou-Charentes project and a Région Nouvelle Aquitaine 2017-2021 project.
E-mail : irms-lienss@univ-lr.fr
Mailing address : Université de La Rochelle
Bât. Marie Curie, Avenue Michel Crépeau
17042 La Rochelle Cedex 1 (France)

The use of stable isotope ratio analysis has soared during the last decade, covering a broad range of applications such as deciphering sources and fate of organic matter within food webs, characterizing paleoenvironments, determining the impact of continental inputs to the coastal zone, tracing pollutants in ecosystems or understanding biogeochemical or physiological processes. Many of these applications are currently developed by researchers and students of LIENSs, principally from DYFEA and AMARE teams.
The SIF serves the research needs of stable isotope ratio analyses for LIENSs researchers, it is also designed to develop new techniques to comply with their requirements. Its capabilities and competitive rates promote numerous analytical services for scientists of other public institutions as of private companies or local agencies (see Partners page)

The SIF head and principal investigator is Dr. Benoit Lebreton (Assistant Professor). The technical and analytical management is under the supervision of Gaël Guillou (CNRS Engineer) and Fabien Aubert (IE Cohabys ADERA).

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